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We’re inclusive – whatever your age or background or circumstance, we’ll go out of the way to make you feel at home. We’re all about bringing people together and we love first timers. You can do anything. We’re a community that stands right behind you, through highs and lows. We bring the positivity, cultivate your self-belief and show you what you’re capable of: that anything is possible. Fitness isn’t a destination or looking a certain way. It’s about adding things to your life and seeing how they make you feel – every time you take action, you learn how you want to live your life.

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Nayeem Noor
Sal is a gifted and inspiring teacher. He is fantastic at engaging everyone, even in classes where the participants are at varied levels of experience[...]
Nayeem Noor
I’ve had many trainers over the years and Salah is outstanding. He listens to my goals and thoughtfully tailors my workouts each time I see him. [...]
Nayeem Noor
I’ve been working with Nez now for 3/4 years and as an older women , gym work , weights were all very new to me and quite frankly scary ! Nez gently[...]
Nayeem Noor
I've been training with Sal for more than a year now both on a group and 1-2-1 sessions. For anyone knowing Muay Thai, the sport is hard, demanding an[...]
Nayeem Noor
James ALI
I've trained with a few coaches but nobody pushes me harder than Salah. Not only will he focus on building your strength and stamina but will also hel[...]
Nayeem Noor
Working with Nez has been an incredibly positive and rewarding experience. She has guided me towards a much stronger core and has always provided the[...]
Nayeem Noor
Salah is a top instructor! Really motivating and pushes me to my limits to achieve the best results and learn real techniques 💪🏼[...]
Nayeem Noor
Salah has not only helped me enjoy cardio a bit more but has also helped me feel better about myself after every session. The encouragement and suppor[...]
Nayeem Noor
Carl D
Since training with Salah, my fitness and Muay Thai skills have improved drastically. I am now able to spar and fight even more confidently in the rin[...]
Nayeem Noor
Training with Salah is great. He doesn't just focus on your strengths or your weaknesses but balances the two so you feel you're making making progres[...]
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